5 Computing Tips That Will Stay Relevant

July 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Computers

Article Submitted by: Pierre Zarokian

With rapid advances in technology and computing these days, hardware seems to get faster while operating systems acquire new features as well.

Yet there’s computing advice that continues to remain relevant as it was 10 or 20 years ago. So, here is a list of 5 tips that can be considered as timeless advice for users:

#1: Use the internet to find solutions to system errors or other problems

There’s every chance that you will find users who have had the same errors or issues if you type the error message in Google. An excellent alternative when the help resource at your device manufacturer’s site is of no assistance.

#2: Back everything up

Don’t get caught with just one copy of files. Back them up as well as backups for these back up files as well. Some of the options to do this consist of the use of external hard drives and a cloud storage device.

#3: Keep Your Software up-to-date

While it might seem annoying when you receive those ‘Software Update’ notifications, the benefits of keeping your software up-to-date can be added functionality that the software has to offer as well as security patches that can prevent data loss and crashes.

#4: Say ‘No’ to cookies

Look for the ‘Do Not Track’ feature on your browser and enable it. This will prevent website from installing cookies in your browser which will also track your movements on the Web.

#5: Don’t depend on your battery

Don’t depend on your laptop or tablet’s battery to work for forever but instead carry your power cables with you or invest in secondary and backup options.

About the Author: Pierre Zarokian is a tech geek. He is also the CEO of a leading reputation management company. Connect with Pierre Zarokian at Facebook.