The Difference Between Satellite and Mobile Internet

Both satellite Internet service providers and mobile Internet providers have settled into their roles as rural Internet service providers. They both provide suitable alternative options to cable companies and other Internet providers with a more prominent presence in urban regions of America. Through the use of advanced technologies, both types of Internet providers have provided wireless Internet for rural areas, but there are some key differences in how they provide Internet signals to customers in rural households.

Satellite Internet is self-explanatory because satellite Internet companies send signals to satellites orbiting the Earth, which then send the signals to receivers anywhere in the world. This method gives satellite Internet providers a far reach and is ideal for highly remote areas that are difficult for mainstream Internet service providers to reach. However, satellite Internet signals are vulnerable to obstructions such as trees, hills, and anything else that might block signals from coming in. Also, because of the distance between satellites in outer space and receivers in rural homes, satellite Internet services tend to suffer from high latency.

On the other hand, mobile Internet providers like UbiFi use cell towers to broadcast Internet signals to customers. This works in rural areas because cell towers are almost ubiquitous in the United States, which means they are still abundantly present in rural towns and anywhere else that has a population. Companies like UbiFi may not have technology as advanced as satellite Internet providers like Starlink, but they are still able to offer high-speed, high-performance Internet service with lower latency than most satellite companies. Mobile Internet providers like UbiFi also tend to offer unlimited 4G rural Internet with no data caps, unlike most satellite Internet plans.

The Fastest Types of Wireless Internet for RVs

If you plan to see the country in an RV while working remotely or while on vacation, you’ll need to choose a reliable, versatile Internet provider from the best RV Internet options. Wired Internet may not be the most practical for RV Internet due to its difficulty to set up, cumbersome cables, and the limited mobility it gives your devices.

With this in mind, it is best to find a wireless Internet connection that is suitable for long RV trips through areas that may not be covered by mainstream ISPs. If you plan on spending time in rural America or on nature trails far from civilization, you may want to find a rural Internet service provider or a satellite Internet service provider that is fast enough to suit your needs.

The best satellite Internet service providers can provide high-speed Internet anywhere in the country because they transmit signals from satellites orbiting the planet. Satellite Internet speeds have been steadily increasing and some providers can offer speeds of up to 100 Mbps. This may sound ideal, but keep in mind that satellite Internet is not for everybody. Satellite Internet’s limited data with expensive overage fees and high latency may be a turnoff for some users.

RV mobile Internet service providers such as UbiFi can be a welcome alternative for RVers that are looking for unlimited 4G rural Internet. Since mobile Internet uses cell towers, speeds may vary for users, but in the best cases, UbiFi users can enjoy lightning-fast Internet for rural areas with no data caps or overage fees. UbiFi also carries a latency of <75ms, making it ideal for online gaming on a PC.

Helpful Gadgets for Busy Business Owners

With today’s business owners so busy and running around in many directions, it’s easy to lose your keys, phone, wallet or briefcase. With the invention of Bluetooth, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Numerous companies have created Bluetooth trackers that make it easy to find all your lost things, including children.

These handy gadgets are usually cost effective and they work using a simple principle. Purchase your favorite brand of tracker. It will come with small coin-shaped tiles that can be attached to just about anything. The kit also includes an app that you install on your phone. Once the app is set up and the tiles are attached to items, you simply pair the two just as you would other Bluetooth devices.

When you want to locate something, tap the app and navigate to the object. Then press the button on your phone and the item will begin to make noise. Some Bluetooth trackers also include flashing lights. This can help if you’ve lost something at night, say while out camping in the woods. The range is usually between 100 and 200 feet.

Trackers can be attached to anything you might worry about misplacing including expensive tools, a passport, a suitcase or phones. If going out to a large heavily congested area, it can be a good idea to attach a tracker to small children. It’s so easy for kids to just walk away and suddenly you panic because you can’t see them anymore. Navigate to the app, press the button and a loud ringer and flashing lights go off. Even in a crowd, it’s easy to hear and see a person or an item.

The book, Create Abundance by Zhang Xinyue supports businesspersons who wish to create abundance. There are some brilliant tips for learning to meditate that can help with everyday anxiety. Wisdom like this can help you remain focused on running your business.

How Affordable Options Have Revolutionized the Hearing Aid Market

The ability to hear the sounds of everyday life is a necessity, not a luxury. However, it sometimes feels as though hearing aid manufacturers price their products for luxury buyers. Most hearing aids on the market retail for thousands of dollars per pair. As a result, there is a real consumer need for cheaper and more affordable hearing aid options.

High hearing aid prices usually result from an assortment of extra costs. Practices that increase the price of hearing aid include R&D for improved technology and hearing exam costs. Many hearing aid retailers require a hearing exam from a professional audiologist before you can purchase your hearing aids. Naturally, this means that they will have to pay extra for an audiologist’s services, driving up their products’ costs.

Businesses that wish to offer hearing aids at lower prices must think of innovative ways to circumvent these extra costs. Many companies choose to forgo hiring a professional audiologist by offering a simple online hearing test or allowing customers to buy hearing aids without taking a hearing test. Examples of businesses that have lowered prices using these strategies include Audicus, Lexie, and HueHearing.

Hue Hearing has managed to offer some of the lowest prices on the market, with single ear hearing aids retailing for $68 and one pair of hearing aids retailing for $132. The company has stated that its prices are so low because it cuts costs such as audiologist salaries and expenses related to brick-and-mortar retailing. It sells directly to customers so they can get their hearing aids at a reasonable, affordable price. Be sure to read HueHearing reviews online to see if they’re right for you.

Why Data Centers are Necessary for Enterprise Businesses

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Data is by far the most critical component for any business. Every business mines customer data for better prediction and forecasting customer behavior. The more data you have the better. The sheer volume of data rules out storing it in-house. Both the hardware and software reliability needed would be costly and will require in-house skills for management and maintenance. The only viable option would be to use a third-party data center with their own hardware.

A third-party data center removes a lot of the staff skills requirement immediately. The business will still maintain the software and application skills in house but everything else can be left to the data center. Issues like audits are taken care of immediately, as the data center will have multiple regular audits conducted regularly and those can be sent directly to the auditors.

Most vendors offer a multi-tier infrastructure environment, effectively securing the hardware, software, and uptime of the enterprise applications. Above all, there will also be effective data security, both physically and digitally.

Data security is a key requirement for enterprise level IT systems. The only way to maintain that level auditable security is to own and have as much control of the stack as possible. A data center provides the security and infrastructure at a level of compliance that every enterprise needs.

No matter which option you choose, be sure to find a reliable web host that can make sure you have as much uptime as you need to make an impression on all potential customers. If you’re looking for a Los Angeles web hosting provider, be sure to visit Electric Kitten, a trusted web hosting company that has served Southern California for almost two decades.

Three Business Technologies That Can Supercharge Your Office Productivity

Office productivity is the product of many different factors, from employees’ temperaments to workplace aesthetics and the technologies used in the office. Today, there are several business technologies that can significantly increase workplace efficiency. Here are a few you may consider implementing.

Wireless headsets

Headsets are a great office technology because of their benefits for ergonomics, convenience, and productivity. Holding a phone to your ear while typing is uncomfortable and distracting. Headsets allow you to eliminate that distraction by freeing your hands for typing and other activities. They also allow you to take calls away from your workspace while allowing freedom of movement.

Bigger PC Monitors

According to an article published by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, the effects of a larger monitory display include increased comprehension and insight, less window management, and less stress. Being able to see more information allows workers to maximize their memory and thinking power. Javier Loya, CEO of OTC Global Holdings said, “Last year, I decided to make it a priority to find the best technology for our offices at OTC Global Holdings. Many of my employees told me that they appreciated how the larger computer monitors made it easier to work.”

Multi-device wireless keyboards

In the age of multi-tasking, it can be uncomfortable to switch between multiple devices for communication and projects. A good multi-device wireless keyboard can allow users to use one keyboard for multiple devices, allowing a seamless transition that saves time and effort. This device may seem like a small change, but you will be amazed at how it boosts your productivity.

Are You Using Office Furniture to Communicate Your Brand?

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Some of the most innovative, world-changing brands don’t just use branding in their advertising and external communications. They also communicate the company culture to their employees through their furniture and interior design. Observe the example of famous apparel and extreme sports brand Volcom. Their corporate headquarters are clean and functional, but its design also incorporates the brand’s “street” aesthetic and even features hallways employees can skateboard through. Their office even includes a fully-functioning indoor skatepark for use when employees have finished their shifts.

Your office’s interior design doesn’t have to be so gray. If you want to promote a warm, welcoming, relaxing atmosphere, don’t be afraid to experiment with your choices in office furniture. Even if you run a tech company, you can still use rattan furniture to create the desired ambiance that communicates your company’s ideals. Using unorthodox, aesthetically pleasing design choices immediately tells employees and visitors that your company isn’t the average, run-of-the-mill business. The right office design can make your office a more memorable place to work, which will leave a lasting impression on anyone who passes through your doors.

If you’re looking for new furniture ideas to spice up your office design, check out Wicker Paradise’s collection of wicker and rattan furniture. Their natural, tropical-inspired designs may be just what your office needs to stand out from the rest of the companies in your market. You’ll find high-quality chairs, sofas, tables, and barstools for your buying pleasure. Also, don’t forget to browse their outdoor furniture collection if you need outdoor furniture for your office or home.

What you should look for in an everyday PC

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There are a variety of desktop computers for different purposes. Some are meant for work, some are optimized for gaming, and others are designed for everyday use. For the best results, it’s important to understand what you need a PC and look for technical specifications based on that.

For an everyday PC meant for personal use, storage, RAM, processing power, and graphics might factor into your decision. If you’re planning to store lots of photos, videos, and other personal data on your computer, it might be a good idea to look for a hard drive with a decent amount of storage. A computer with a large amount of RAM will help you multitask and run several programs all at once. If computer speed is your priority, strong processors will able to process information and complete tasks most efficiently. And if you plan on using your computer for watching entertainment or doing video or picture editing, a good graphics card will help you accomplish your goals.

You can look for the right computer based on which of these components is most important for you, or you can choose a computer that has a good balance of all these features. Hewlett Packard’s All-in-One Desktop Computer and Apple’s iMac are two impressive machines that can serve you well as everyday computers.

At Curacao, you can find everyday desktop computers at the most affordable prices. If you’re on a budget, you can even sign up for our PC financing options to finance computer purchases for low, easy monthly payments. Sign up for Curacao Credit today and start saving on PCs!

How The Right Office Furniture Can Boost Productivity

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The main aim of an office and its employees is to produce or to contribute to a product or service that earns profits for a company. This is a clear, straightforward goal, but you’d be surprised to see how many factors can affect your workplace’s productivity. One of the most important, yet overlooked factors is your employees’ morale and mental well-being. If your employees don’t feel relaxed and empowered by your office environment, something needs to change.

One of the small details that affect employees’ mental state is office décor. It may seem insignificant, but according to one study from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, negative attitudes among employees were lower in aesthetically pleasing workplaces, while they were higher in workplaces that were not aesthetically pleasing. Another study examined the effects of workplace aesthetics on a Swedish broadcasting company. This one found that individuals in non-aesthetically pleasing workplaces complained more about work stress, problems at work, and musculoskeletal pain.

With this in mind, it’s important to choose workplace furniture and decorative pieces that are more conducive to your employees’ success. Natural, earthy colors tend to have mental effects that help your employees. For example, color psychology suggests that brown promotes feelings of stability and warmth. For this reason, furniture made from natural, plant-based materials might be just what your office needs.

Bamboo rattan furniture and wicker furniture are examples of exotic furniture pieces you might want in your office. Wicker Paradise has a collection of plant-based furniture perfect for your office or living room, along with a selection of wicker patio furniture for the outdoors. Contact them today for great deals on natural furniture products.

Make your Computer Whisper Quiet

Article by Pierre Zarokian


Have you just built a brand new gaming PC only to find that as soon as you play any games, it starts sounding like a helicopter? With standard cooling, most computers are noisy when they are running on full load. This is because the stock cooling solutions which come with Intel or AMD CPUs are normally noisy and relatively inefficient. Improving your computer’s cooling system can make it run cooler and quieter.

Indeed, there is now a big market for silent computer cooling solutions. There are even entire online retailers which specialize in providing everything that you need to make your computer as quiet as possible. The following provides some tips on how to make your computer run as quietly as possible.

1. Clean the Computer. You may have noticed that older computers tend to be noisier than newer ones. This rarely has anything to do with the age or the specification of the computer. More often than not, it is due to a buildup of dust inside the computer. An excessive amount of dust forming inside a heat sink and on the fan blades adds a thermal layer which causes fans to run faster than they would otherwise need to. Regularly cleaning your computer will keep it running cooler and quieter. It will also prolong the life of your hardware. Cleaning the inside of a computer can be done using cans of compressed air or even a vacuum cleaner.

2. Acoustic Dampening. Some retailers sell acoustic soundproofing kits which you can fit to the inside of the case. You can also make this yourself without too much trouble, but you will need to take care to purchase the right type of material. Many materials may help to deaden the sound, but they can also cause your computer to run hotter by absorbing and building up heat. Some high-end cases designed specifically for the quiet PC market already have some acoustic dampening built in, but these can be prohibitively expensive.

3. Replacing Fans. Stock cooling solutions tend to be very noisy when a computer is running on full load. If you want to have a quiet PC, you will almost certainly need to avoid using the stock heat sink and fan which comes with any new CPU. Replacing a CPU fan does not have to be expensive and a new fan can normally be installed in a matter of minutes. You can also purchase silent case fans and graphics card coolers. For case fans, you may want to go for one which has a built-in speed control.

The above three factors contribute to about 95% of all the noise a computer makes, and if you follow the tips, you can easily make it whisper quiet, possible with no investments, as well!

About the Author: Pierre Zarokian has Computer Science degree and writes for Search Engine Journal. You can also read Pierre Zarokian’s Articles at Visibility Magazine.

Items That Will Boost Office Productivity


Summary: Boosting productivity is something managers around the world want to do to boost profits. Purchasing some items for your office can help you make your business more efficient.


 Competition amongst companies is important because how well your business does, in relation to others, can lead to market growth or shrinkage. Competing to create the best products and services at the lowest prices, while still creating large profit margins, is a tough balancing act the manager will fight for to put the company on the path towards growth. At the end of the day, a large portion of sustained growth can be traced back to the employees who work for you. Investing in their growth and well-being can ultimately lead to the creation of valuable work.


 Reliable Internet

 Most offices nowadays rely on the internet for a lot of the work that gets done. Researching, sending messages, hosting video conferences, and sending data back and forth to others all requires a fast and reliable internet connection. If your employees are constantly getting interrupted from their work because the internet is down or there is not enough bandwidth to handle all of the traffic on the network connection, your employees will get frustrated and they will not be as efficient.


Multiple Monitors

 A computer is necessary for most office employees but just a laptop might not be enough. Some of your employees may need more screen real estate while they work, which is where having multiple monitors can be beneficial. For example, someone in your finance department might need to have certain forms open while filling out spreadsheets. A secondary monitor could allow this person to have one document open on one screen and the other document open on the other screen, rather than having to constantly switch back and forth.



How EDI VANs can benefit your business

Communication and understanding between business partners is a crucial part of commerce. Today’s technologies have made it easier than ever to be on the same page as your trading partners when making transactions and organizing business details. Using a VAN or Value Added Network for EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is one of the ways companies can help their business partners understand crucial details and information, so that deals can happen without any information-related setbacks.

The main purpose of a VAN is to allow companies to exchange messages in a format that they can understand and that is compatible with their systems. This means translating one company’s messages into the format another company uses to process information and vice versa. VANs make this process very quick and automated. In addition to this, many VANs also provide other benefits, such as security and encryption, data backup and recovery, checking for errors, and network performance optimization.

You might be wondering what the difference is between using a VAN and using other EDI methods. VANs are private networks, and companies outsource management of their correspondence and EDI operations to them. In contrast, direct EDI involves establishing a direct connection between two companies. Direct EDI is generally much more difficult to manage, because it requires you to make sure your EDI protocols are compatible with all of your business partners. VANs cost more than direct EDI, but they may be a worthwhile investment, especially now that many companies are exclusively using VANs for EDI.