Items That Will Boost Office Productivity


Summary: Boosting productivity is something managers around the world want to do to boost profits. Purchasing some items for your office can help you make your business more efficient.


 Competition amongst companies is important because how well your business does, in relation to others, can lead to market growth or shrinkage. Competing to create the best products and services at the lowest prices, while still creating large profit margins, is a tough balancing act the manager will fight for to put the company on the path towards growth. At the end of the day, a large portion of sustained growth can be traced back to the employees who work for you. Investing in their growth and well-being can ultimately lead to the creation of valuable work.


 Reliable Internet

 Most offices nowadays rely on the internet for a lot of the work that gets done. Researching, sending messages, hosting video conferences, and sending data back and forth to others all requires a fast and reliable internet connection. If your employees are constantly getting interrupted from their work because the internet is down or there is not enough bandwidth to handle all of the traffic on the network connection, your employees will get frustrated and they will not be as efficient.


Multiple Monitors

 A computer is necessary for most office employees but just a laptop might not be enough. Some of your employees may need more screen real estate while they work, which is where having multiple monitors can be beneficial. For example, someone in your finance department might need to have certain forms open while filling out spreadsheets. A secondary monitor could allow this person to have one document open on one screen and the other document open on the other screen, rather than having to constantly switch back and forth.



Airplane Battery Maintenance

Summary: Carelessness and neglect are two reasons why batteries aren’t pumping out an optimal stream of electricity.

If you’re a proud owner of an airplane, then you’re more than likely to come across one of the most common maintenance issues that plague nearly everyone – battery issues.

Most owners tend to leave their plane idling for longer than they would like. Naturally, doing so will allow the battery to naturally discharge a bit each day it’s left running. Furthermore, connecting the battery to an automotive battery charger could result in a loss of water within the electrolytes. Instead, consider utilizing a ground power unit, as it will essentially give your internal battery a much-needed break.

How to Notice a Dead Cell

If you take off the cap of a flooded battery, take a second to look at the innards. If nearly every cell is bubbling rapidly, they’re functioning properly. More so than often, you’ll notice that there are a few cells that are stagnant. These indicate that they are more than likely to be dead. As stated before, utilizing either a diesel electric hybrid GPU or any other type of ground power unit will prevent many of these issues from occurring. Although batteries are built to last in this day and age, carelessness can result in the death of a brand new battery. Keep yourself disciplined when it comes to the maintenance of your airplane – you already know that it isn’t the cheapest of things when it comes to repair costs.


New gigs for video gamers

The video game industry is without a new gig since 2006 and Nintendo intends to end that drought with its fall 2012 release of Nintendo Wii U. The new Wii U to include iPhone like touchscreen called GamePad that mimic a large phone. It will have two joy sticks on the top. When projected on to a TV, it will have room for additional information to be displayed on the screen. It is capable of accessing social networking sites so that players can play with others online. The new Wii U console is expected to be retail around $250.

Apple’s new phones and tablets are also capable of using TV screens to play games. The technology is known as AirPlay Mirroring. Your iPhone or the tablet will act as the controller. Electronic Arts’ Real Racing 2 allows the game to be downloaded for $6.99 using an app onto a TV and play with others online using an iPad as a steering wheel. Those with Apple TV, it will cost $99 to play using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are not on Apple TV, you can buy $40 cable to connect to your TV. Imagine the Apple’s ability to market games to its enormous Apple product users.