Helpful Gadgets for Busy Business Owners

With today’s business owners so busy and running around in many directions, it’s easy to lose your keys, phone, wallet or briefcase. With the invention of Bluetooth, that shouldn’t be a problem anymore. Numerous companies have created Bluetooth trackers that make it easy to find all your lost things, including children.

These handy gadgets are usually cost effective and they work using a simple principle. Purchase your favorite brand of tracker. It will come with small coin-shaped tiles that can be attached to just about anything. The kit also includes an app that you install on your phone. Once the app is set up and the tiles are attached to items, you simply pair the two just as you would other Bluetooth devices.

When you want to locate something, tap the app and navigate to the object. Then press the button on your phone and the item will begin to make noise. Some Bluetooth trackers also include flashing lights. This can help if you’ve lost something at night, say while out camping in the woods. The range is usually between 100 and 200 feet.

Trackers can be attached to anything you might worry about misplacing including expensive tools, a passport, a suitcase or phones. If going out to a large heavily congested area, it can be a good idea to attach a tracker to small children. It’s so easy for kids to just walk away and suddenly you panic because you can’t see them anymore. Navigate to the app, press the button and a loud ringer and flashing lights go off. Even in a crowd, it’s easy to hear and see a person or an item.

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How to Boost Traffic to Your Brick and Mortar Store

Summary: A lot of purchases are now made online but a number of people still visit physical stores. Finding unique ways to draw people to your business can help drive profits up.

The convenience of online shopping has driven many customers away from standard brick and mortar stores but plenty of people still enjoy the experience of checking something out before making a purchase.

How you get people interested in visiting your store is entirely up to you but there are some techniques you could implement to increase your chances of making a sale.

Data Analytics

The increase of information flowing around the internet can help you make better decisions. By sending out surveys and researching how consumers behave, you can get a better grasp of what your customers want. A system put in place by companies can help you create charts and graphs with your data to determine how long to keep products in your store for, what kinds of sales to have, and what kind of products people like the most. Use this data to your advantage by sending out offers and exclusive deals.

Interesting Store Front

An additional way you can get more people to stop by your store is to come up with an interesting store front. What people see when they walk by your store could influence whether or not they will actually walk in. An LED display wall for announcements, product visuals, and advertisements can grab someone’s attention and get them interested in what you have to offer. The goal with creating an interesting store front is to design something that will get people interested without being too forward. A design that is too flashy could steer potential customers away.