How Mobile Internet Is Helping Facilitate Education in Rural America

May 8, 2023 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology

Education is the great benefactor of opportunity in today’s modern world. With an education, not only can people apply for better jobs, but they are also more informed and equipped to participate in the world’s affairs. Today, technology has begun to play a large role in the way people receive an education. From online assignments and discussion boards to the wealth of educational information available through the Internet, technology has transformed the way schools interact with their students and teachers.

However, not everyone in America has equal access to the high-speed Internet connection that makes these educational opportunities possible. Many rural towns do not have access to high-speed broadband or fiber-optic Internet connection because of the lack of infrastructure for it in rural America. For most Internet providers, it is not a worthwhile investment to spend too much money setting up infrastructure for Internet service, so rural residents have had to rely on alternative rural Internet service providers instead.

The mobile Internet provider known as UbiFi is one of the companies using existing rural infrastructure to provide high-speed Internet for rural areas. Through the use of existing 4G and 5G cell towers in rural areas, UbiFi and its fellow mobile Internet providers can provide an Internet signal even to highly remote areas in the United States. In this way, UbiFi and other mobile Internet companies are giving rural educators and students better access to the wealth of information available on the Internet, putting them on a level playing field with students in urban and suburban areas.

Before signing up for an Internet provider, be sure to check if they offer an unlimited 4G rural Internet plan and if you are within that Internet provider’s coverage area.