How to Turn Your PC Into a Powerful Media-Streaming Machine

February 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Technology

So what does one do to access all the photos, music and videos that are stored on their PC?

Thanks to mobile technology not being advanced enough to be able to store all these files, they will remain trapped within your PC and your home.


The solution: streaming your files.


So, here’s how you can turn your PC into a powerful media-streaming machine:


Step #1: Find a computer that is up to the task


Streaming files from your computes means that you need to have a PC that’s right for the task. Not only will you need one that can support the task of streaming files but will have to stay 24/7. For this purpose, it’s a good idea to find a PC that uses Windows 7 or Windows 8 Optimized so as to be able to carry out this task.


Step #2: Find reliable media server software


Media server software not only determines what kind of software you can share but also where you can share it. Some of the options that are available include Pogoplug PC, PlayOn and Plex that can help you stream files to not only tablets, mobiles but also your television as well. The first two are free while the latter might have a few costs attached to it.


Step #3: Make Use of Cloud Storage


Free cloud storage can help you access all your files from your mobile devices and tablets quite easily. You can also get basic media players that can help you access these files. If you’re already doing this, you can take your PC out of the equation but no matter what you think: nothing beats a machine that can stream files to just about anywhere in the world.