Zeskit Braided Nylon 6 Feet Premium Audio Cable - 3.5mm, (Male to Female)

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Now that entire music libraries have come off the living room shelves and travel with us in purses and pockets, our personal entertainment has become a part of our everyday lives like never before. And we all know that the weak link in the chain is the audio cables. After only a few months of use they can make any genre sound like a commercial for Rice Krispies, “Snap, Crackle, Pop!” Sending you to the store for a new one. Not the case with Zeskit! Manufactured to the highest standards of quality, durability and design, your Zeskit audio cable will be with you through generations of iPods, tablets and mp3 players!

Zeskit cables have a sturdy, easy to grasp aluminum housing at each end that adds style and protects the union between the cable and connectors. A braided, woven nylon sheath wraps the length of the cable making it stronger and more durable yet flexible and tangle free. Even at the extended length of 6 feet, Zeskits unwind easily, every time!

A 24K gold-plated male connector delivers pure sound, will not corrode and boasts the “step” feature, one of the most graceful points of the Zeskit design. This enables you to plug-in to your device while it remains in its protective case. Cables without “step” either wear out quickly or require you to take your case off, and that’s when scratches start to pile up and drops become deadly. With Zeskit you keep your case on, always!

Your Zeskit female to male audio cable will mate perfectly with premium headphones or add needed length to an existing cable set-up. No matter your need, Zeskit audio cables maintain the high quality of your sound all the way to your ears.

Protect your device while enjoying the best sound, a smooth design and the perfect length. Buy Zeskit and rest easy!

  • 24K gold plated male connector with “step” design works without removing your phone/tablet case.
  • 4-pole male to 4-pole female 3.5mm jack, compatible with both 3-pole jack and 4-pole jack.
  • Gloss-enameled aluminum housing at each end for protection and beauty.
  • Full-length double shielded casing of woven nylon for a durable, flexible cable that won’t tangle!
  • Exceptional Zeskit craftsmanship and style; 1 year Manufacturer Warranty with RoHS and CE certificates.

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