Maintenance tips for a portable air conditioner

September 8, 2017 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Sports & Recreation

Whether you have a portable air conditioner at home or work, proper maintenance and care are essential. A properly maintained portable air conditioner will work efficiently for a long time. Here are some tips for portable air conditioning maintenance:


The whole point of a portable a/c is that you can move it from room to room. However, pay special attention to where you keep the device. Avoid placement in rooms with a lot of dust. Clear out the area first before moving the air conditioner into the room. The tiny dust particles can affect performance and clog up the filters.

Some units like those from are entirely self-contained, enabling quick and easy set-up, installation and breakdown at all events. They also do not require a hose to drain out the excess moisture.


The power source for the portable a/c is also important. The two dangers are not enough power and too much. Consider the use of a surge protector for the unit to prevent large spikes from damaging the electronics. You should also check the circuit to ensure that it can provide enough power.


Regular cleaning of the filters in the a/c will keep the unit running efficiently. After a few years, you might need to replace the filters. Follow the instructions on the new filters on how to clean them. The more you use the units, the more often the filters will need cleaning. Extremely dusty environments are usually the cause of filter replacements ahead of schedule.