New gigs for video gamers

January 6, 2016 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

The video game industry is without a new gig since 2006 and Nintendo intends to end that drought with its fall 2012 release of Nintendo Wii U. The new Wii U to include iPhone like touchscreen called GamePad that mimic a large phone. It will have two joy sticks on the top. When projected on to a TV, it will have room for additional information to be displayed on the screen. It is capable of accessing social networking sites so that players can play with others online. The new Wii U console is expected to be retail around $250.

Apple’s new phones and tablets are also capable of using TV screens to play games. The technology is known as AirPlay Mirroring. Your iPhone or the tablet will act as the controller. Electronic Arts’ Real Racing 2 allows the game to be downloaded for $6.99 using an app onto a TV and play with others online using an iPad as a steering wheel. Those with Apple TV, it will cost $99 to play using an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch. If you are not on Apple TV, you can buy $40 cable to connect to your TV. Imagine the Apple’s ability to market games to its enormous Apple product users.